Vibrant IP is the leading full-service medical patent brokerage focused primarily on the healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences industries.  We sit at the convergence of healthare and non-healthcare markets where their technologies intersect.  Computer, telecommunications, mobile, software and other industry participants who lack the resources and relationships to license and sell their patent assets to the medical industry benefit from our unique approach.

Our Services

Vibrant IP works with talented professionals to help innovators deliver essential discoveries to the innovation marketplace through mining, marketing, monetization, strategic consulting, patent valuation and other value added services.

  1. IP Mining

    Identify overlooked or under-monetized assets through patent portfolio searching and analysis, due diligence and encumbrance review against market trends and product offerings.

  2. Technology Marketing

    Convey compelling specific value to expanding network of key industry constituents at optimum market timing.  Portfolios added to our catalogue include relevant video, image, executive summary and due diligence documents.

  3. Patent Monetization

    Sell and License patent portfolios to industry leaders and other market participants with proven transaction process and standard terms.  Grant license back to owner when necessary to cover continuing operations.

  4. Strategic Consulting

    Optimize portfolio value through targeted invention, market data and legacy product sales v. patent coverage, cross-licensing arrangements, portfolio management, mining and monetization.

  5. Patent Valuation

    Value patent portfolios through unique industry pricing experience employing standard valuation modalities, including market, cost or income approaches to bring visibility to patent asset value.

Our Values

We seek to improve healthcare and save lives while promoting, sustaining and defending the progress of science and useful arts by serving legitimate discoveries that benefit the economy, promote trade and fair competition and maintain or increase consumer options for new products and services at fair prices.

Our Reach

Our team members have closed multiple deals and directly interface regularly with top executives and key decision makers at the industries’ leading medical and healthcare companies, universities and research institutions worldwide.  Our unmatched influence reaches thousands of brokers, affiliates and executives in our active medical network.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Jason Rogers
President of Vibrant IP
Expert medical sales professional with experienced interfacing with surgeons, physicians and healthcare executives. Influential salesman with strong medical device industry knowledge.
Nupoor Khandelwal
Affiliate Broker, Mechanical and Medical
Passionate IP strategist with extensive patent search, claim chart, patentability, FTO, valuation and IP research experience. BME and certification in IP law and technology.
Jason Flaig
Affiliate Broker, Medical and Healthcare
Thorough patent attorney, negotiator and strategist driven by a customer-oriented approach handling markets and opportunities outside core medical and healthcare areas of focus.
Kevin Hermansen
Affiliate Broker, Domains and Websites
Proven track record valuing, building, marketing and selling domain names and websites. Licensed certified public accountant with masters of business administration.

Brief History of Our Founder and Company

March, 2018

New patent portfolios consigned and added to publicly-available inventory.

December, 2017

First year successfully and profitably concluded with multiple patent transactions closed in 2017.

August, 2017

Vibrant IP internal team grows to over six qualified professionals.

April, 2017

Vibrant IP website launched.  Gallery populated with public details of certain listings.  Team continues to grow.  Join us!

March, 2017

First deals closed at Vibrant IP.  Company operating at a profit.  Team continues to grow.

January, 2017

Vibrant IP incorporated, funded and launched as first and leading patent brokerage focused on healthcare.  Initial members join team.

December, 2016

Vibrant IP founder concludes 15 years serving intellectual property transaction markets as executive, professional, licensed patent attorney and broker.

200Deals Closed with our Team Members
2500Patents and Apps Traded with our Team Members
1500000000USD Patent Sales with our Team Members

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